Who are your teammates?

If you’ve been a part of a team lately, you know that it’s about helping each other out, working together for a common goal. Meet one of the teams at Fuller Honda. These guys are ready and willing to do what it takes to make your car the best investment of your time and money. 

We know buying a car can be filled with a lot of questions. Our job is to satisfy your questions, to educate you, to give you the excellent service that you expect when it comes to Honda. We know you will be driving your car for a long time, so we want you to know you’ve made the right choice, at the right dealership. Fuller Honda has been serving the needs of South Bay San Diego for more than 65 years, and we plan to be doing this for a very long time. 

Think about Fuller when it’s time to purchase your next Honda. The team is waiting for you!

Ready to serve your car needs at Fuller Honda

Ready to serve your car needs at Fuller Honda

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Fuller Honda Improving Your Service

fuller group july fuller May 2014 fuller June 2014 construction2 construction10 construction construction 9 construction 8 construction 3Our construction project is almost completed. We’re open for your business every day, so please stop by or visit our website, http://www.thinkfullerhonda.com.

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World Cup-Brazil-Calendar

Brazil soccerThe final match is on July 13, but until then, the brackets will be the place to be. 12 cities in Brazil are listed and shown here on the map (right) and the first game starts on June 28 in Belo Horizonte.

At Fuller Honda, you can talk to us about World Cup, or your Honda. Or both. We’ll be glad to give you the very best service and satisfaction, and talk to you about your favorite soccer stars and teams also. We’ll be following the teams this month and hope you enjoy the games as much as we do.

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Grateful for the Gold

Andres Hererra

Andres Hererra

andres serious

If you have been to Fuller Honda during the past six years, you would likely have seen and met Andres Hererra, who works nearly every day that he can. He is a very dedicated man, and very grateful for the honor given to him by Honda for your Customer Satisfaction Scores. His customers have given him a 99+% for excellence in customer service and that says so much about him. He does not take the credit himself, but gives grateful thanks to God for the ability to serve others and make a living doing his chosen profession.

Clearly, he is a model to appreciate, and to recognize for being excellent at what he does. And others are seeing the results of that excellence. But what really strikes me is his humility and willingness to do what it takes to reach the top. He is both humble and driven, two qualities that are not always found in this combination of personalities.  Fuller Honda recognizes all of their salespeople as working hard and serving customers as best as they can. And they are also glad to see that one of the top picks by customers is so grateful to others who are on the team. We applaud the entire Fuller Honda team, those who support the sale and the service, those who manage the team, and those who are on the front line when customers need assistance. We especially recognize the customers who ranked Andres Hererra among the top in the nation, for his nearly perfect satisfaction of customer service.

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Improvements to your service: Fuller is on the job

construction 3 construction

Have you seen our improvements?


We are under construction, to make a better customer experience for you. We know that you deserve the best, so we are making that happen in Chula Vista Auto Park. We are open for business during the fix up, so please be sure to tell everyone we are here for you everyday (well, we usually take a holiday on Easter and Christmas, but every other day!)

Fuller Honda is improving our service drive, our showroom, and much more. You’ll still recognize our family atmosphere, and when it’s all fixed up, you’ll be glad to see the changes. Like every business, we know we constantly need to improve our products and services. That’s why we’re making big changes to our outside appearance, and inside our commitment to you will still be strong and single minded. We want your satisfaction. Anything less than perfect is not acceptable, so that’s why we needed to improve. So thank you for your continued business and a chance to be considered next time you need a car or truck, or even just service.

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Meet Cassie Evans at Fuller Honda

Photo of Cassie

Honda Facilitator, Cassie Evans

Profile of Cassie Evans, Honda Facilitator

Fuller Honda promotes a local team member who owns two Hondas

Cassie Evans is a welcome addition to the Fuller Honda team. She’s been with the Fuller Family since Feb 2011, and recently moved into a promotion as the new Honda Facilitator.
She’s a familiar site around a Honda, with two in her family now. She drives the Honda Accord LX and she likes the new styled look and new features like the backup camera. Her husband, Abraham Delgado, drives a second Accord. What do you think of husband and wife who drive the same car? This writer says it’s a wonderful idea, especially if you need to switch cars often.

The Evans family is all about being local to the South Bay in San Diego. Cassie and her husband are natives to Chula Vista, attending Bonita Vista High School, and Abraham graduated from nearby Montgomery High School. Cassie worked for the City of Chula Vista as a Recreation Center aide prior to joining Fuller. She loves playing games like Dodge Ball with the kids at the center. Her hobbies include art, decorating, sewing and arts and crafts. She’s also an avid reader. She enjoys collecting butterflies, too. If you come to her office, you will see some pretty butterflies on her desk. Ask her about her collection when you have a minute and she will smile brightly.

Cassie’s father is originally from Indiana and was in the US Navy, stationed in San Diego. Her mom is originally from Tijuana, Mexico. She has two older sisters and a younger brother, and they all live locally. This local family tradition continues, and Fuller has become a home for Cassie, too.

When you purchase your car from Fuller Honda, you can stop by and say “Hi” to Cassie from 8a-5p M-F. She likely will have a gum ball and a warm smile to share with you.

gum balls

Cassie Evans Gum Balls

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Fuller Honda…”At Your Service”

You can access our service appointments 24/7, so be sure to let us plan for your wonderful visit. It’s late at night and you’re home, realizing you need a smog check, or an oil change. You go to our online website: http://www.thinkfuller.com/service and make your appointment. That’s all you need to do. Bring your car here, and we’ll take care of the rest.
Stop in and say “hi” to Jay Silverstein, Fuller Honda’s Service Manager. He’s the tall, slender man in charge of Fuller Honda’s Service upgrade.
“I am pleased to offer this new appointment service to all of our customers. I expect that this will make the process more convenient and save time for our Fuller Honda clients,” says Silverstein. Tell Jay how your experience was by sending him an e-mail: jsilverstein@thinkfuller.com, or you can comment below. Thanks for your continued business. We’ve been here for more than 65 years, and plan for many more.

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