Now that I found Fuller, what should I do?


You’re here and we’re happy. See Fernando smile. See Sam smile at Fernando being happy.
That’s us at Fuller Honda. We sold more cars last month than we ever did before. But that doesn’t mean we’re finished. By a long shot, no. We have a lot of ground to cover as Honda is more popular than ever, and we are on a mission to find those who are still searching for the right vehicle.
What really matters to us is that you know your needs. The average person does a lot of online shopping, then visits 1.8 dealerships before they buy. We want to be sure that Fuller Honda has a shot at your business. And then once you find how great we are, we know you’ll want to come back again and again. Only if we do our job, though. Most people don’t ever want to visit a car dealership. They don’t feel welcome or comfortable. We hope to change this perception, one person at a time.

Fun fact: Did you know that the Fuller Honda interior design work was done by the same guys who designed the Oakland Raiders locker room? Now how about that for a good trivia answer!

The answer to the big question about now that you found Fuller, what should you do? Make an appointment to see your sales professional and if you can’t come in, we can come to you. We’re going to be around for many more than the three generations we have already. So get your taste of what it means to be fortunate to find Fuller.

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It’s Easy to Find Fuller Ford, Honda, Kia

fuller twitter map_only We’re going to make this easy. See the map? That’s a snapshot of the Fuller Honda neighborhood. If you’re coming south on 805, it’s an easy exit to the right, go under the bridge and about a half mile on your right you will see Fuller. We’ve got a Kia, Ford and Honda dealership all in one driveway, easy for you to see from Main Street. Turn right on Brandywine and enter the Fuller family of vehicles.

We want it to be convenient, easy to navigate and to get what you need done quickly. If you are on a schedule, we’ll do our best to get you in and out in time, or if we can’t we’ll tell you and set up another time to get the job done. Our service department now takes online scheduling, so no matter when you decide you need service, we are at your service.

Did we mention we’ve just upgraded? We’re making the experience one of the best in the world, not only in California, where we’ve been told, we have the nicest, newest upgrade to a Honda store. Everything is sparkling, and we want to show it off, so come in and we’ll give you the tour. We’ve got fresh coffee brewing, magazines, comfortable seating and new entertainment areas, even a kids play area. Come meet our managers, Gerry, Dan, Fernando and the rest of the guys. We’ve also got some excellent service and parts teams, and don’t forget about finance. Everyone at Fuller Honda wants to welcome you, to take care of you, and to serve you as best they can.

Now that you know how easy it is to get here, from the South, you can’t miss the exit, it’s just north of the border, really. We speak many languages, especially Spanish, so bienvenidos.

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Fantasy Football time at Fuller Honda

Are you addicted to fantasy football? This is the time of year when we pick our teams.

Here are some facts about the industry that may surprise you.


Fantasy football revenue in 2012


The increase in fantasy football revenue between 2008 and 2012


The number of fantasy football players


Why is this becoming so popular, especially around Fuller Honda? As we have migrated from desktop computers to mobile devices, we check those phones about 150 times per day. That gives us access to all of the NFL training camp info, plus what all of the players are posting on their social media.

According to a news report, “ESPN has reconfigured its fantasy football game experience for an on-the-go consumer after it saw 68 percent of its overall digital traffic last year come from mobile. Its fantasy football players’ mobile activity doubled over the last two seasons.”

So, the fingers are doing the talking on mobile devices these days. Players can set up leagues and mock draft talent, make comments via apps and do it all on mobile, not even touching a desktop computer.

Here are some stats showing the growth:” In 2013, three out of four of its players used’s mobile app, up 33 percent from 2012. Users jumped 45 percent year over year, which means the app is drawing new users.”

Who is playing these games? Four out of five players are male and tend to be a younger crowd, according to sources. The average fantasy player checks four to six Web destinations for information, on top of the site or mobile app that hosts his or her team.

Think there’s another reason why the young male is on mobile? “ESPN fantasy analyst Matthew Berry has an alternative theory on players’ migration to mobile: ‘In order to compete and play well, you need to do that in the three minutes when your wife isn’t looking.'”

What are your thoughts on Fantasy Football?

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Leading California in Nicest Store Ranking-Fuller Honda

What kind of Fuller Honda are you looking for? Whatever kind it is, you’ll experience it in the nicest Honda Store in California, says the Honda Zone Manager. Thank you for recognizing us!showroom 3 We appreciate the comments you make about our new looks, so be sure to stop by and visit our Chula Vista location, Auto Park Drive, 91911

We will be here for you! fuller night

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Who are your teammates?

If you’ve been a part of a team lately, you know that it’s about helping each other out, working together for a common goal. Meet one of the teams at Fuller Honda. These guys are ready and willing to do what it takes to make your car the best investment of your time and money. 

We know buying a car can be filled with a lot of questions. Our job is to satisfy your questions, to educate you, to give you the excellent service that you expect when it comes to Honda. We know you will be driving your car for a long time, so we want you to know you’ve made the right choice, at the right dealership. Fuller Honda has been serving the needs of South Bay San Diego for more than 65 years, and we plan to be doing this for a very long time. 

Think about Fuller when it’s time to purchase your next Honda. The team is waiting for you!

Ready to serve your car needs at Fuller Honda

Ready to serve your car needs at Fuller Honda

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Fuller Honda Improving Your Service

fuller group july fuller May 2014 fuller June 2014 construction2 construction10 construction construction 9 construction 8 construction 3Our construction project is almost completed. We’re open for your business every day, so please stop by or visit our website,

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World Cup-Brazil-Calendar

Brazil soccerThe final match is on July 13, but until then, the brackets will be the place to be. 12 cities in Brazil are listed and shown here on the map (right) and the first game starts on June 28 in Belo Horizonte.

At Fuller Honda, you can talk to us about World Cup, or your Honda. Or both. We’ll be glad to give you the very best service and satisfaction, and talk to you about your favorite soccer stars and teams also. We’ll be following the teams this month and hope you enjoy the games as much as we do.

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